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Gentle and yet so effective.

At DENT UP, we love children's laughter!
If at any time things should not be quite “perfect”, we would be happy to advise and inform you. There are small things that favour the development of tooth and jaw faults even in the very early years. Thumb-sucking, dummies, constant breathing through the mouth, tongue function errors etc. could be possible causes.
With early orthodontic treatment, we can guide natural jaw growth along the right lines even with young growing children. This is done very gently, but effectively – based on a holistic treatment concept. With a view to possible connections, we always look at your child as a whole person, in interdisciplinary cooperation, including with our skilled osteopath.

From comprehensive consultation and detailed treatment planning to diagnostics and therapy, up to long-term stabilisation and many helpful tips on tooth care during orthodontic treatment, we support you and your child. With our orthodontic expertise, plenty of sensitivity and very high quality.