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Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition
Easy as child's play, everything at the right time.

Our nutrition advice at DENT UP is based on the reputable “5 Stars for Healthy Teeth” project of the Hessen Ministry of Social Affairs, which over the last few years has led to a fantastic improvement in dental health for children starting school. Nicola Khonba, children's and young persons' dentist, has also been working here as one of the sponsoring dentists.

There are no prohibitions, and we do not demonise sugar – this is the foundation of the “5 Stars for Healthy Teeth” project.
In other words: everything at the right time, then in moderate quantities and above all with careful brushing of teeth by the parents in the evenings. A day following the “5 Stars for Healthy Teeth” principles looks like this:

Breakfast: Eat and enjoy anything that you and your child feel is part of a tasty breakfast. Afterwards, brush the teeth to remove any remnants of breakfast.

Sugar-free morning: Whether they're in nursery or in school, children should now have only sugar-free snacks and drinks in their lunch boxes. Apples, carrots or a cheese sandwich are ideal . It should require active chewing; water or unsweetened tea are perfect for quenching thirst.

Sweet afternoon: A small chocolate pudding for dessert, a sweet snack in the playground and even the occasional sweet drink – no problems with that in the afternoon. For enjoyment, and without a guilty conscience.

Careful tooth brushing: After a cosy evening meal, the motto is:
“Parents clean their children's teeth from all sides, until the children are old enough to write with fluency.”
Of course, even the smallest should learn through play how to handle a toothbrush and get used to the evening ritual. And of course it's perfectly possible to PRACTISE alone at first.

Further information can be obtained from the Hessen State Working Group for Child Dental Care, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendzahnpflege in Hessen.