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Anaesthesia for children and Sedation

Anaesthesia for children
When there is no other way.

At DENT UP, we do not consider children to be little grown-ups. Which is why we only use anaesthetics for our young patients on rare, exceptional occasions when it is absolutely essential.

For us, as children's dentists in Frankfurt, anaesthesia or sedation is the final choice for enabling an absolutely essential treatment. With larger-scale interventions, for example in the case of an decay-damaged and inflamed milk tooth, septic teeth or bone areas and also for accidents with tooth damage, anaesthesia is essential. Because the affected teeth may damage the underlying beginnings of the permanent teeth. In children, inflammation in the jawbone can spread very quickly through the blood vessels and thereby pose a danger to the child's general health.

Our experienced anaesthetist will be happy to advise you on procedures and risks.