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It's official - we are excellent!

It's official - we are excellent! Trusted Dentists have awarded us the "Excellent Practice" seal.

We have great news! Dent-up is excellent - now it's official. We have the Trusted Dentists quality seal to prove it.

It's easy to find a dental practice in your neighbourhood. But how do you find the right practice? Because quite often, as a patient, you're looking at a huge selection, and it seems almost impossible to find suitable treatment quickly. There is no direct solution to this problem - but there are certified evaluation portals that quite consciously assess dental practices for quality. And among these portals are the Trusted Dentists experts. Here practices are tested in depth, from the viewpoint of about 50 quality indicators. Among other factors, the spectrum of services, the modernity and range of practice equipment as well as the experience and qualification of the practice team are tested. In this way, a transparent picture is built up, offering the patient not just guidance but also security.

Our Dent-up practice in the Ostend district of Frankfurt has been certified by the award of the "Excellent Practice" seal by Trusted Dentists. Which means we are among the official specialists of the region. We are delighted with the award and would at the same time like to take this opportunity to thank our patients for their trust. For trust in the expertise of our staff and the high standard of our dental care. We look forward to continuing to offer you our family-friendly treatment concept in the future. In our tried and tested - and now award-winning - quality.

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