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High-quality tooth replacement in just one day!

High-quality tooth replacement in just one day!

No tricks or wizardry!

Thanks to modern computer technology, we can indeed create ceramic tooth replacements such as crowns, inlays, bridges and even implant restorations on the same day in a single session. This is made possible with CEREC technology, which stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. You might have already heard about CAD/CAM technology. Both refer to the digitalisation of all work steps. It starts with precisely reproducing the condition of your teeth and jaw by using a small intra-oral scanner, the CEREC Omnicam. Within minutes we have high-resolution, three-dimensional images of your teeth without the need for any casting compound in your mouth, which many patients find unpleasant. We then forward these images directly to our in-house dental laboratory. Your tooth replacement is then milled by our technician to fit precisely, also on a computer-assisted basis, with the Sirona CEREC MC XL Premium Package with four milling motors and individually painted and sintered if necessary.

The excellent compatibility and aesthetic properties of the materials used make them the number one choice. Incidentally, reports show that the strength of the material used in computer-assisted milled inlays is greater than that of individually-manufactured, laboratory-produced ceramic inlays. The fact that you receive your tooth replacement on the same day means we can dispense with a provisional prosthesis – another advantage of this modern method. Even though we are supported by computer technology, you can still rely on our experience, care, craftsmanship and knowledge.

Finally, we have even more good news: to help pass the time while waiting for your tooth replacement, why not enjoy a massage with our in-house physiotherapist/osteopath? You can choose between a sports, aromatherapy oil or reflexology massage. If you would prefer to relax over a cup of coffee and a light snack, please choose from our selection. We look forward to seeing you!