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Preventive treatment

Preventive treatment
For that lovely, healthy clean feeling.

With our professional tooth cleaning (PZR) at DENT UP in Frankfurt's Ostend, you can treat yourself to a relaxing dental feel-good programme for refreshed breath, smoother teeth and a fresh radiant smile.

Using our high-tech preventive treatment device our expert hygienists will clean your teeth even in the places that the most careful home dental care cannot reach, and will both effectively and gently remove soft and stubborn bacterial dental plaque. This will reduce the bacterial population to a very low figure and help prevent the new formation of bacteria. Our PZR hygienists will also remove unattractive tooth discolouration, which can be caused for example by our daily cup of coffee, glass of wine and other lifestyle or luxury food and drink. The subsequent polish and fluoridation hardens the teeth, protecting them effectively from new plaque and discolouration.

At DENT UP, along with professional tooth cleaning, our dental professional preventive care is an essential element of truly long-term dental health, giving you a radiant smile.