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For sincere compliments.

Of course our primary concern is that you feel healthy and attractive with your teeth, mouth and smile. But we also know how wonderful it is to receive a sincere compliment for a beautiful, radiant smile. This is exactly what we can help you with.

With regular preventive treatment to keep your teeth healthy and looking good for the long term, plus professional preventive care which will preserve your (oral) health with your own customised preventive care concept. State-of-the-art technology will also allow us to do even more for your dental aesthetics. We can use innovative bleaching methods in a gentle but effective way to achieve a natural, radiant white. With veneers, extremely thin ceramic shells, we can make unattractive gaps and tooth surfaces vanish. In our specialised field of implantology we can offer tooth replacement based on high-quality materials, meeting high demands made on aesthetics, naturalness and function.
As we have our own laboratory, your tooth replacement will be ready in only one day. We bridge the waiting period with some “time out for you”. Our physiotherapist will be happy to pamper you and thereby create the foundation for a very precise tooth replacement geared to you. Because teeth can only be cared for in the best way and your bite perfectly adjusted if your body is relaxed.